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14:30-16:00 Registration
16:15-17:15 Aula Major K1: Magda Claes
Organic mass spectrometry and its role in isoprene secondary organic aerosol research
17:15-18:00 Aula Major K2: Mario Thevis
Mass spectrometry in sports drug testing
18:15-22:00 Buffet dinner & Welcome party



  9:00-  9:10 Aula Major Opening
  9:10-  9:55 Aula Major K3: Markus Stoeckli
Highly multiplexed tissue imaging – stay tuned
  9:55-11:10 Poster presentations (PhD students/postdocs)
11:10-11:45 Coffee break

Hall 1 Small Molecules

Hall 2 Non Mainstream

Hall 3 Large Molecules

11:45-12:05 O1: Nelus Schoeman
Targeted metabolomics approach measuring systemic and localized oxidative and nitrosative stress using LC-MS/MS in a mice model
O2: Julien Echterbille
New methodology to detect toxin-nAChRs binding by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
O3: Michiel Akeroyd
LC-MS-based proteomics for industrial applications
12:05-12:25 O4: Lieve Dillen
Challenges with an LC-MS method for quantification of an oligonucleotide
O5: Eric van Beelen
REIMS a rapid, direct technique for the discrimination of meat tissues originating from different animal species for food authenticity
Conference fund award lectures
O6-1: David Falck
Glycoforms of immunoglobulin G based biopharmaceuticals are differentially cleaved by trypsin due to the glycoform influence on higher-order structureO6-2: Guinevere Kammeijer
Dopant enriched nitrogen gas enhances sensitivity and repeatability of glycopeptide analysis with sheathless CE-ESI-MS
12:25-14:00 Lunch and poster session
14:00-14:20 O7: Marc Tienstra
Applicability of GC-EI-Orbitrap MS for residue/contaminant analysis
O8: Shane Ellis
Evaluating the viability of kidney transplants using high-speed MALDI-Imaging
O9: Bram Heijs
Sequential analysis of N-glycans and proteins from a single tissue section
14:20-14:40 O10: Annemieke Kolkman
Elucidating identities of unknown contaminants in the Dutch watercycle using high resolution mass spectrometry
O11: Nico Verbeeck
Integrating anatomical information into the processing of imaging mass spectrometry measurements
O12: Michiel van de Waterbeemd
Native mass spectrometry of Mega-Dalton protein nanocontainers
14:40-15:00 O13: Ronald de Vries
The use of 2D-micro-UHPLC with large volume injection for the development of ultra high sensitivity bioanalytical methods
O14: Maurice Janssen
Direct mass spectrometry of chiral molecules by MS-PECD
O15: Kyle Fort
Illuminating proteomics: the power of UVPD
15:00-15:30 Coffee break

Hall 1

Hall 2

Hall 3

15:30-15:50 O16: Tom van Wijk
LC-MS and CE-MS screening of potentially genotoxic alkylating compounds in pharmaceutical products
O17: Brenda Bakker
Oxygen regulates lipid profiles in human chondrocyte cultures
O18: Thierry Schmidlin
Extending targeted mass spectrometry to study disease related signaling
15:50-16:10 O19: Anne-Charlotte Dubbelman
Mass spectrometic considerations in high-throughput Quan/Qual analysis
O20: Wilco Duvivier
(Un)targeted scanning of locks of hair for drugs of abuse using direct analysis in real time – high resolution mass spectrometry
O21: Jordy van Angeren
Intact and middle-up analysis of mAb microheterogeneity using RPLC-MS, SEC-MS and CZE-MS: an interplatform evaluation
16:15-17:15 Aula major K4: Albert Heck
Monitoring the biology of proteins, proteoforms and protein-assemblies using hybrid mass spectrometry based approaches
17:15-18:00 Aula Major Performance by Dirk Denoyelle
18:00-18:15 Aula Major Annual assembly NVMS/BSMS
18:30 Conference dinner
20:30 Conference party


  9:00-09:45 Aula Major K5: Kevin Bateman
Application of mass spectrometry for protein quantification in discovery stage pharmacokinetic studies
09:45-10:45 Poster presentations (PhD students/postdocs)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break

Hall 1 New developments

Hall 2 Identification

Hall 3 Ion Mobility MS

11:15-11:35 O22: Jean-Francois Greisch
Gas-phase characterization of ionized gold clusters and aggregates using mass spectrometric tool
O23: Ballesteros-Gomez
Screening of plastic additives by ambient high resolution mass spectrometry (DIP-APCI)
O24: Jan Jordens
Application of new ion mobility/mass spectrometry developments in polymer and industrial chemical research
11:35-11:55 O25: Tiffany Porta
Electrically biased pixelated detector for non-covalent biomolecular complexes during native electrospray mass spectrometry
O26: Samy Memmi
Revolutionizing data independent acquisition on high-field Orbitrap mass spectrometers
O27: Frank Sobott
Shapes, sizes and more – ion mobility for separation and characterization
12:00-13:30 Lunch and poster session
13:30-13:50 O28: Yves Le Blanc
N-geometry TOF analyzer; high-resolution performance in a compact system
O29: Linda Switzar
Characterization of online LC–Electrochemistry–MS for protein disulfide bond mapping
O30: Jean Haler
Polymers as model systems to understand Ion mobility mass spectrometry structures in gas phase
13:50-14:10 O31: Arnaud Lubin
Evaluation of a new API source: Improved sensitivity for pharmaceutical analysis
O32: Andrea Gargano
Deeper proteomics using actively modulated online HILIC×nRPLC-HRMS
O33: Friedrich Mandel
Utilizing signal multiplexing in a drift-tube-based ion mobility QTOF system
14:20-15:05 Aula Major K6: Anne Dell
High sensitivity glycomics: windows to glycan function
15:05-15:50 Aula Major K7: John Yates III
Using mass spectrometry to understand cystic fibrosis as a protein misfolding disease
15:50 Poster award ceremony & goodbye
16:30 Busses depart to Heerlen train station